Born in Switzerland to a family of medical doctors and gynaecologists, my father awakened my interest in women’s health and life cycles when I was quite young. At the age of 14 , I was allowed to assist him with a mother giving birth to her child. Later I graduated and worked in my home country as a physiotherapist.

26 years ago, I immigrated with my husband and 4 children to South Africa. Some years after my children left home, that very special moment happened! Yoga entered my life and it became a passion, a source of deep and great joy, of increased vitality and enthusiasm, uplifting and enhancing every moment. This changed the flow of my life. I became a Yoga teacher and reconnected with the medical profession by acquiring skills as a remedial Yoga therapist.

I like the flow of Hatha Yoga but equally the dynamism and spirituality of Kundalini Yoga.

Looking for an ideal way to combine these two Yoga styles, and inspired by the great Kundalini Yoga master, Yogi Bhajan, with his knowledge about women and their health and by the ideas of a youthful 80 years old Brazilian yoga teacher, I combined the two and created a blend of dynamic Yoga sequences, breathing techniques and rituals that give mature women self-empowering and healing skills to help reducing symptoms of menopause through Hormone Yoga.

Using the experience of my own 4 pregnancies and the awe that I feel with respect to the miracle of new live growing in a woman’s womb, I enjoy teaching future moms the skills of how to nurture their bodies and how to deepen their connection to the unborn babies in Pre-Natal Yoga classes.

Yoga opened my eyes for life’s abundance. My vision is to share my enthusiasm and to light the healing and purifying fire of Yoga in others.


    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Claire Tilson. I am a Yoga, health, wellness, and nutrition enthusiast and teacher. I love learning, growing and exploring this amazing planet we call home. I am the newest addition to the Adi Shakti family and a student of yoga forever. I was 8 years of age when I first came into contact with yoga, my mother was taking classes in our village.

    I’d been a gymnast, dreaming of olympic gold, which was way out of my reach. My mother had a copy of a yoga book which I used to love paging through and mirroring the poses, there was something on those pages I found mesmerising.

    20 years later I found the book, and was reminded how even as a child I had fantasised about being a yoga teacher. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I actually started practicing yoga.

    At the age of 23, I had an intense marketing job, so again I turned to yoga for a release and to help me face the intensity of life in a balanced way. For the next 7 years yoga became my sanctuary and when I turned 30 I signed up to study Yoga at Ananda Kutir Ashram.

    Now the most amazing personal journey was about to start. Yoga entered every part of my life and enriched it with love and positivity. I believe there is no better teacher than yourself and in my classes I will guide you into a relationship with your higher-self, as I believe there is no better temple than your body, no better teacher than your mind and no better worshiper than your heart.