Yoga Nidrax

Yoga Nidra

Distresses , energizes and increases focus and concentration. The class starts with dynamic and mobilizing movements and poses, followed by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and ending with 30 min of deep relaxation. (Yoga Nidra) Most people sleep without resolving their tensions, This is termed nidra. Nidra means sleep, no matter what or why. But Yoga Nidra means sleep after throwing off the burdens. It is a blissful, higher quality altogether. When awareness is separate and distinct from the vrittis (chatter or the mind) When waking, dream and deep sleep pass like clouds, Yet awareness of atma ( the individual soul) remains, this is the experience of total relaxation. Relaxation does not mean sleep. Relaxations means blissfulness happy. It has no end. I call bliss absolute relaxation: Sleep is a different matter. Sleep gives only mind and sense relaxation. Bliss relaxes the atma, the inner Self”. That is why in Tantra, Yoga Nidra is the doorway to samadhi. (absolute bliss and self realisation).