Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga gives flexibility to your body, health to your organs and focus to your mind. Hatha Yoga is the physical aspect of Yoga and teaches techniques of physical control and relaxation of the body through postures and breath control. These exercises were developed over thousands of years to purposefully train every muscle, nerve and gland in the human body. THE GOAL is to make the body strong yet elastic, light and yet grounded and to focus the mind making it a fit vehicle to the soul.

THE BENEFITS of Hatha Yoga :

• Purifies the body and mind

• Firms the whole body

• Gives flexibility to the spine and joints

• Brings lightness to body and mind through the regulation of the breath

• Detoxifies, rejuvenate, revitalizes

• Relieves tiredness, insomnia, tensions

• Can reverse the effect of serious complaints like heart disease, high or low blood pressure

• Improves all internal organic functions

• Calms and strengthens the nervous system

• Reverses aging signs.