All About Yoga

You can come and enjoy a energising Kundalini, flowing Hatha, caring Pre-Natal yoga, vitalising Senior Yoga or relaxing Yoga Nidra class. We welcome you to share our yoga space with us.


YOGA NOVA: Based on the  traditional Hatha/Integral yoga, with its balancing , energizing and flexibility enhancing postures and flowing sequences, its restoring pranayama, relaxation and meditation techniques, YOGA NOVA  weaves in core  strengthening, muscle toning  and joint stabilizing elements of YOGALATES  (yoga and pilates) , and  the calming , expansive and meditative YIN YOGA.

KUNDALINI YOGA as taught by Yogi Bhajan is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, incorporating postures, movements, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and mantras. The goal is to build physical strength and vitality, a strong glandular system, improve flexibility, release stress and to heighten spiritual awareness.

BABY AND MOM YOGA to care for your body and to enjoy your growing family, maintaining flexibility and strength, improving posture, boosting energy and vitality, stabilizing emotions and helping to release tension and stress. Yoga deepens the union between Mother and her growing child.

SENIOR YOGA (60+) is a new concept and consists of dynamic and/or therapeutic Hatha Yoga poses and sequences,  breathing and relaxation techniques to increase the flow of energy to the glands, rebalance your hormones, combat age-related loss of muscle, strengthen bones and nerves, keep the spine and joints healthy and mobile, increase balance and coordination, to help preventing osteoporosis, increasing vitality and well being. 

STRETCH, MEDITATE, DEEPY RELAX to find your calm, balanced and peaceful! Self. Melt body, mind and breath to transcend time and space with deep stretches, breathing, learn various meditation technique and relax at the end of a busy week with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).




Sat Nam and Namaste from Dorly and the teachers at Adi Shakti