Pre Natal Yoga

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

The Power of the Mother

Every Wednesdays at 9h30 – 11h00 with Dorly Viollier 


Pre-and post-natal Yoga offers tools to cope better with the hormonal change, to care for your body and to enjoy your pregnancy, maintaining flexibility and strength, improving posture, boosting energy and vitality, stabilizing emotions and helping to release tension and stress.

Yoga deepens the union between you and your growing child.

The practice of yoga and meditation during pregnancy helps the body function more optimally and also influences the mental and emotional states of the mother-to-be. Learn how to create harmony within your changing self and your environments in the company of other pregnant women. Come share, meditate and enjoy your unfolding both as a woman and as a giver of life.

You will learn:

basic pregnancy yoga postures,

  • body care and nutrition tips,
  • yogic teachings regarding the connection between the mother and the soul to be incarnated, and
  • meditations particularly suited for the time both during and after pregnancy.

Expand your power to conceive and create through pre-natal  Yoga